Gablofen (baclofen injection) is for patients aged 4 years and older with severe spasms caused by problems in the brain or spine. It may be an option if oral baclofen does not relieve your spasms or causes side effects that you can’t tolerate.

Inspired by feedback from patients and healthcare professionals, Gablofen is designed to make intrathecal baclofen pump refills faster and easier. Here are some of the features:

  • Safety
    Gablofen packaging may help reduce the risk of contamination of your medicine during pump refills.
  • Less time in your doctor’s office
    Gablofen saves time with fewer steps and faster refill prep than medications provided in glass ampules. Every Gablofen order comes with everything your doctor needs to perform pump refills, which may mean shorter visits for refills.
  • More refill options
    Gablofen comes in 3 strengths, which means that you can get refills on a schedule that works better for you.

Ask your doctor about ITB Therapy℠ (Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy) with Gablofen.

ITB Therapy is a service mark of Medtronic, Inc.