Gablofen (baclofen injection) is available in a bolus 50 mcg/mL screening dose.2

  • 2.25 cc syringe designed to allow for ease of handling during barbotage.6
  • Increased flow rate vs our previous syringe.
    • 80% larger volume than our previous syringe allows greater evacuation of cerebrospinal fluid, which yields an increased flow rate in the intrathecal space.6
  • Ready-to-use syringe promotes a closed system that may enhance safety.

A positive response to Gablofen consists of a significant decrease in one or more of the following: muscle tone, frequency of spasms, and severity of spasms.2 If a patient demonstrates a positive clinical response to the screening dose injection, you may advance to Gablofen treatment via intrathecal pump using prefilled syringes or factory-sealed vials.2